Pionner 111d

Just got my new Pioneer 111d and got a pack of Verbs 16x Full face printable,
I have just updated the firmware to official 1.19 one question, what would be the best speed to burn the Verbs at?

you can burn them at 8x or 16x.
Burning at 16x will only take you about 4 min.

COOL! :bigsmile:

4 minutes?? :disagree: Not in this lifetime…

Just going to burn a dvd with clone dvd, I will do it at x16 and time it, be back soon…


dream on…

Well here goes 4min 45 secs to burn dvd at 16x your timings were almost spot on, just going to see if it plays now…

Then this cannot be a full dvd ever!

Even the fastest dvd burner REQUIRE approx. 5:30 for a full dvd media to burn, a dvd5!!

Absolutely perfect in all my dvd players, WOW, I am well impressed, well that`s me sorted, from now on only Pioneer drives and Verbatim discs :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

The movie was about 5.5gb clone dvd compressed to fit on dvd, but yes a FULL dvd…

Remember this was just to burn, not inc ripping!

lol, maybe you were cheated by the info from the burning app.

It is impossible to burn a full dvd5 faster than approx. 5:30.

Nope I did not use info from app, I used my stopwatch…

The timings are for burning only NOT inc the part of the process that says earasing disc,

BUT including the final part, which says writing boarders etc…

LOL, sorry buddy but to actually get the RIGHT time, you have to see it with Nero cd-dvd speed. go here; http://www.cdspeed2000.com/ and get cd.dvd speed 4.51.1. Then you can do a test disc to see how fast it burns and see how much CPU is being used etc. You just pop a blank in there and click ‘create disc’.

The burn time is from the moment you click go until the burn completed message comes up.
It includes lead-in & lead-out & closing the disk.

Right, in that case it works out about 5 mins 30 secs in total, which is great…

whoa lol thats even faster than they got in the review :eek: http://www.cdfreaks.com/article/270/5

Its not really a speed I am comfortable with, i was just testing it, I think I will just burn at 8x just to be on the safe side. :wink:

I am really surprised yours can burn that fast, could you do a ‘create disc’ with Nero cd/dvd speed so I can maybe try to get the same results?

Never done that before? dont really want to waste a disc? if thats what it does???

Well in case u havent noticed, everyone here does cd scanning :bigsmile: thats what for. But you can also make an image file in nero. You know where it says your writer at the top, you click there and choose image recorder or whatever it says there, then you can make a dvd with whatever files you want, once u click burn, it asks u where u want to save it, after uve chosen, it write the image. Then you can burn the image with Nero cd.dvd speed and see how it writes the disc, how much CPU is being used, how much of the buffer,trust me, once you;ve done a scan, ur hooked :bigsmile: but yeah. After you’ve burned the disc with cd/dvd speed u can do a quality scan to see how well its written the disc :slight_smile: