Pioneer's DVR-A03 reviewed



I just posted the article Pioneer’s DVR-A03 reviewed. reviewed Pioneer’s DVR-A03 DDVD Writer. This is the first DVD recorder available in stores that can be bought for an affordable amount of money.
The test makes quite clear that DVD…

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Hey, these DVD writers probably let you burn .vob files from your hard drive, right? Then by using a DeCSS-based decrypter to decrypt and copy the files to your HD, you can re-burn them on the blank DVD. Of course right now they are a bit expensive, but it will be very good when they go down to a dollar for a piece of blank DVD+R!


U R wright :slight_smile: that indeed is the way of copying DVD movies with this piece of hardware…


But what about dual layer DVD’s, arent most movies that are being released now upwards of 9 gigs because of dual layer? What is the solution to recording with this problem?