Pioneer's DRT-DM/Ultra DRA technology

Does the Pioneer’s DRT-DM and Ultra DRA technology have any equivalents in the LiteOns? If not, then that could be why the media compatibility of the LiteOns are not so good…(see quote below) Can LiteOn users expect DRT-DM and Ultra DRA tech to be implemented in a firmware upgrade…or does it have to be a hardware upgrade?

At the moment I am considering the:

[li]Pioneer 106 DVD (DVR-106) recorder - For its good media compatibility
[/li][li]LiteOn 52x32x52 (LTR52327S) CD-RW drive - For CD copy protections

My alternative was the:

[li]LDW-411S DVD recorder
[/li][li]LiteOn 52x32x52 (LTR52327S) CD-RW drive - For CD copy protections

The lower initial cost of the LDW-411S would soon be beaten by the DVR-106 (or the retail version, the A06) after using cheaper media for the Pioneer. Which combo is better?

Regarding Pioneer’s media compatibility:
The DVR-A06’s development began by improving conventional algorithms and re-evaluating the record and overwrite characteristics of DVD-RW media to apply a sequence that optimizes recording conditions. The DVR-A06 achieves approximately ten times better overwrite performance than previous Pioneer products. It also uses an industry-first DRT-DM (Distributed Real Time Defect Management) offering a form of defect management that conforms to the DVD format without sacrificing write performance. The result is compatible writing even on discs that have been rewritten many times, without causing a degradation of disc quality.

Imbalanced discs can cause vibrations that affect performance during high-speed recording and playback. The DVR-A06 significantly reduces the effects of these vibrations with the implementation of Ultra DRA technology, allowing the high precision servo system to remain stable during both high-speed recording and playback.

Ultra DRA is just some Pioneer only specific
gadget, probably hardware dependent. DRT-DM
on the other hand is a useful feature and an
open standard that any manufacturer can
implement in firmware if it wants to.

Has LiteOn historically ever implemented DRT-DM in any of their firmware upgrades?

>… It also uses an >>>> industry-first <<<< DRT-DM

No company has historically ever implemented DRT-DM in any of their firmware upgrades.