Pioneers 110d not responding

Hi this is my first visit here so i hope this is the right forum.

My problem installed a pioneer 110d dvd burner a while ago and all seemed fine and then suddenly it stopped working, when either a cd or dvd is inserted the system just hangs and task manager reports the drive as not responding. I have tried all the methods i know to test it. I changed its ide controller from secondary to primary, set it as master on its own ide controller, tried numerous cds/dvds blank burnt and shop bought all these produced the same response. Device manager reports it as working properly.

Put it my other computer and it worked fine so it is safe to assume it is not the hardware that is faulty.

systen info

Home Build
ASRock P4VT8+ Mobo
1024MB PC3200 RAM
Intel P4 3.02 Gig Chip
250 Gig ide hard drive
200 gig ide hard drive

Windows XP Pro
Burning Software Nero 7 Premium

Update anything on your box lately?
I always go to my MOBO site and update my BIOS and IDE drivers as preventative MX.

But it sure sounds like a MOBO/IDE problem to me. Did you check another drive in the box with the same config?

PS/ PIOs are picky animals on what they work on and with.

Also remove INCD in Nero7 and DLA in SONIC.

Sounds to me like a driver clash.

First uninstall the ide channels in devicemanager, then restart. Check again, also for DMa mode (dma mode 4!).
If that won’t work, you may delete the upper & lower filters, see my sig.

Have you tried to boot a cd with that drive?

I have a similar problem. Drive was working fine and then I did some things (I can’t remember what though) and now it does not work. Bios detects it but will not boot any CD. It will attempt to read but nothing happens. Windows will just freeze explorer when a CD/DVD is inserted

The messed up thing is that, my system will not read any optical DRIVE I use. Those same drives will work on other machines. I tried them in slave, master, primary, and secondary, single, multi-drive configurations and it still doesn’t work.

Unfortunately, I have the newest bios available. I even flashed back to every available BIOS and still get same problem.

So first test if the system can boot a CD to isolate if it is a BIOS or O/S issue. If you have an IDE controller card, you can plug drive into card to test.

If it is a BIOS issue, you can try flashing to a new BIOS. If it is an O/S issue, it most likely is an INCD problem or upper/lower filter issue as mentioned by the others.