Pioneer wont burn below 4x


I’m burning on my Pioneer 110D using Nero 6 and RiDisc 8x DVD-R Media. They seem to burn fine at 4x but as a general habit I only like to burn at 2x to ensure
playback on most DVD players. However in the dropdown in Nero I only get the option of 4x or 8x. Is this a usual? I’ve used other media and had the choice of either 1x or 2x.


Who told you that fairytale? That’s just a myth and only counts for VCD/SVCD and VERY old players. More important is the burning quality that your burner (&firmware) can achieve on that media.

You could use 4x rated media to burn at lower speeds.

Who told you that fairytale?
There are still a lot of people who used Princo, you know…

Ritek -R media is one of those that actually burn worse at slower speeds (confirmed many times). I never use Ritek at all anymore due to rapid decay problems, but if I did I would stay at 8X.

I disagree. Perhaps one of the reasons I’ve suffered no degradation issues with Ritek media is that I burned all G04/G05s at 4x. I say burn at 4x.