Pioneer waits with spinning up to maximum speed

I own a Pioneer DVR-112D and I wonder about the following:

when accessing a file the drive only spins up to its full speed after something like 5-10 seconds. I think this is deliberate ? (to prevent it from making too much noise when needing a small file or so)

now when I for instance play a HD-WMV file directly off the drive, the file gets displayed very choppy

so I wonder if this ‘feature’ is handy at all !

Is there a program that makes the drive spin maximum speed all the time ?

Make a TRT form that disc and post it here.

Hi Chef, it is not a specific disc that has this , it is the behaviour of the drive. What the drive does when for instance I start copying a large file from it to the harddisk is that it starts spinning at a moderate (slower) speed and the first bytes get copied with a slower data-rate, and then after 5-10 seconds or so it spins up to the full speed. With a file copy this isnt a real problem (you only loose a few seconds of copy time) but when playing a large resolution or bitrate media-file from the drive it doesn’t want to speed up to that maximum speed and keeps playing choppy video. What is a TRT btw ?

@ maicod,

Have you ensured your DVD-112D is connected to an Ultra DMA (80-Conductor) IDE/ATA Cable ( and is operating in the Ultra DMA Mode 4 (

TRT refers to Transfer Rate Test. Use N e r o CD-DVD Speed ( and if unaware of how to perform a TRT (Transfer Rate Test) refer to the Nero CD DVD Speed User Guide ( for detailed information on performing a TRT (Transfer Rate Test).

Post your Pioneer DVR-112D TRT (Transfer Rate Test) results here so that the results can be analyzed.


i’m using both 80pins cable and ultra dma mode 4

I’ll include the TRT (its from a DVD+RW disc but the behaviour is identical with a DVD+R)

HOWEVER this test is of no use since cd-dvd-speed allows the drive to spin up for 10 seconds before starting the test. When I use cd-dvd-speed the drive spins up to full speed after 8 seconds. This is exactly the problem that I mean, because when copying a file of the drive the first 8 seconds the file is being read when the drive is spinning slower. Now when I play a large bitrate media-file the drive seems to not want to spin up to this full speed but since it then spins slow it delivers the data too slow and the video gets played choppy

Your best chance is to use MCSE.

@ maicod,

Forum Member’s chef #6 posting is referring to applying the Media Code Speed Edit (MCSE) “Increase Read Speed” patch (riplock patch) to Pioneer DVR-112D version 1.24 Firmware. Refer to the Media Code Speed Edit Home Page ( for information on using the MCSE tool.

Pioneer DVR-112D version 1.24 Firmware is available at ->


Thanks BJKG & Chef

I’d like to try it out, but am I able to downgrade to my current firmware (1.22) after flashing with 1.24 ?

If not can I do this : edit the 1.24 with the MCSE tool (only read speed flag turned on) and flash the drive with it and if I don’t like the drive’s behaviour that I can re-flash with a standard 1.24 firmware ?

@ maicod,

There is no reason to be downgrading to version 1.22 Firmware. Pioneer DVR-112D version 1.24 Firmware is the most current Firmware for the DVR-112D and is a sable error Firmware. Quite frankly you should have already been using the version 1.24 Firmware instead of the older outdated version 1.22 Firmware. To avail yourself to the newest write strategies improvements it is always prudent to use the newest most current Firmware available.

Using the Media Code Speed Edit tool your can ReFlash to a different Firmware if necessary. When ReFlashing you need to “patch” the Pioneer Flasher with the “Allow Same To Same Flashing” patch. Refer to the Media Code Speed Edit Home Page ( for information on using the MCSE tool.



thanks for the help. I succesfully flashed the drive with the read-speed modified 1.24 firmware and the drive reads much faster now :slight_smile:

see included screenshots.

That is what MCSE is supposed to do. :wink: