Pioneer vs. NEC

I bought the NEC 2500A when it first came out and have to admit its a very good dvd writer…but still had problems with it burning certain movie titles and not having them play on all my home dvd players. well they would play but some would skip…this would happen with both + and - formats…slowing down the write speeds to 2x helped a bit but still skips and sometimes even lockups. I admit the dvd player is a bit old but didnt seem to have the problem with my old sony ±2x burner. also the media im using isnt the best in the world Princos and Ritekg’s.

Today I went and got me the Pioneer DVR 107D and I have to tell you I am quite impressed. The title i was having problems with the other drive played back flawlessly on all my dvd players…both + and - media too. i used normal speed for - disk (it was a 4x princo) and + disk (4x burn on a 4x + Ritekg).

As far as quality burns im not sure if it does as well as the NEC but im more concerned about real world situations such as will the disk play in other home players…

Two thumbs up on the pioneer!

also know that firmware 1.12 is out going to flash it soon

actually my drive is the new A-07XLA which is the improved version of the 107D.

I have to go with the Pioneer 107d. At first I got the NEC2500 which proves to be problematic with both reading and writing. Then I exchange it with the Pioneer 107d and all the problems just went away.

There are just some advantages and disadvantages on each drive. I own a Pioneer 107D, and quite happy with it. On this forum it seems though that the NEC 2500A performs better than 107D…


‘better’ is relative/subjective. These guys have given testimony that they’ve actually tried both and the pioneer is better ‘for them and their uses’. In a case like this, its hard to tell them that the 107 isnt better than the 25