Pioneer vs. NEC ? Which one?

Hi there… I wanna buy a DVDDRW drive and don’t know which ine is the best… I’m in doubt for these two models: The Pioneer DVR-108 or the NEC ND3500A ??? They’ll cost for me US$ 120.00 and US$ 110.00 respectively (I know it’s kind of expensive but I’m from Brazil :confused: )

I wanna be able to copy anything… so, what do you think? I’ve heard that Pioneer’s only work with cheapest medias if you change frimware and stuff… is that true?

I’m in the mood for buying the Pioneer one (for me, it has more "name)… hehe
But I’m ignorant in this subject… so, that’s why i’m asking you… :smiley:

Can someone help me with this impasse ?

The prices are almost the same, so, I don’t want this to be taken into consideration… ok?

PS: Sorry for my poor english… I’m just a brazilian guy :stuck_out_tongue:

NEC ND-3500A is faster and its writing quality is very good. Visit both Pioneer forum and NEC forum here. If you just want the “Pioneer” name, buy a used Pioneer DVR-A04 instead which should cost about US$10 or less. US$110 for NEC ND-3500A sounds very cheap to me who lives in South Korea where much worse Lite-On SOHW-1633S costs US$150.


Your English is much better than my Spanish, so don’t apologize. Welcome to the Forum.

Best wishes,

Bob Shem

ps I have the NEC ND3500A and it seems to be a first-rate burner.

Why you say it’s faster? The only difference I can see is under CD-R write speed… Pioneer can write at 32x instead of 38x with the NEC… the other speeds are exactly the same … isn’t?

I don’t wanna buy an old one :stuck_out_tongue: u did understand when I said that Pioneer has more “name” :wink: It’s just that here, in Brazil, I hear a lot more 'bout Pioneer than NEC DVDRW’s… but that’s not necessarily the truth… :smiley:

And I’d never thought that in Korea things would be more expensive than here (BTW, this prices I can get buying from a US retailer store, not a real Brazil price…) but that’s the price I can get… :slight_smile:

LOL :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah, maybe… but, only a little correction… we speak portuguese here, not spanish :smiley: (but i understood wha tyou said :stuck_out_tongue: )…

So, let me ask you… WHY did you choose YOUR recorder instead of Pionner DVR-108 then? :smiley:

Thanks both of you for the answers :wink:
Please, keep helpin’ me :smiley:

Perhaps you don’t hear a lot about NEC ND-3500A exactly for the same reason why most South Korean users have not heard of ND-3500A often. Lack of marketing.

ND-3500A is faster not only in writing to CD-R but also in writing to DVD and reading the DVD back. Pioneer DVR-A08 cannot write to DVD as fast as most other 16x DVD writers. It’s actually slower than Plextor PX-712A.

I’ll receive my Pioneer DVR-A08 (OEM 108) in less than several hours, perhaps in one hour if lucky. I ordered one only because I couldn’t get NEC ND-3500A. This is my second 16x DVD writer after Samsung TS-H552B. :slight_smile:

Hmm… great, you’ll buy a Pioneer? :smiley:

But if you could… would you really get a NEC? Is that faster? And why Pioneer can’t write at 16x ???

Please, help this guy to get the best DVDR :smiley: heheheh

CYA and Thanks!

So… NEC should be the choice? :slight_smile:

When writing discs at 8X, the Pioneer is faster (by over a minute) than the NEC. When writing at 12 or 16X the NEC is faster than the Pioneer. I have the NEC, myself.

I ordered Pioneer DVR-A08/108 on Tuesday and received one on Thursday. I haven’t done any writing yet. Just updated the firmware from 1.06 to 1.10.

Damn… but now I’m confused :stuck_out_tongue:

Which one would you buy? You said Pioneer at 8x is 1 min faster… at 12-16x slower… how slow? 1 minute or more?

Here in Brazil is hard to find medias that support 8x… 12x and 16x will take a long time I think to find… but… one day they’ll be here :smiley:

Look here for a good impartial opinion.

Both are excellent drives. We could spend eternity splitting hairs between the minor diferences in speed and quality both drives offer. In reality however, you will be happy with either drive as long as you don’t feed it poor quality media.

I have burned countless disks at 4 speed on my pioneer 108, and it works wonderfully on them. I am sure the nec3500 is just as good.

That was a good head to head review.

AFAIK, one of the strengths of the NEC drives was their ability to do very good writes with DVD media from a variety of media manufacturers. That review only tested a few brands of DVD media and didn’t cover RW media at all (but it was still a very informative article). One of the apparent weaknesses of NEC drives is their relatively poor ability to read DVD disks, sometimes disks that were written on the very same NEC drive.

Does anyone have any opinions/reviews about the relative performance of Pioneer vs NEC drives in terms of how well each drive writes a variety of DVD media, their ability to read disks and how well they do with RW media?

it is worth noting also that there is a speed hack firmware in development for the 3500 which should allow it to write at higher speeds on 4x and 8x media, particularly ritek. Note that this is only in development (beta testing) and that flashing it will void your warranty. I think i read somewhere there is also a speedhack firmware for the Pioneer. In the pioneer forum there seems to be people having problems with the pioneer drive, though this could just be some isolated incidents. I chose the NEC over the Pioneer (even though im a pioneer fan) simply because i prefered the look of the drive, it was cheaper, and it has got some very good reviews using the media I use (Fuji03 and ritek05 dyes). IMHO it depends a lot on media availability and price in your area. It is worth reading through the pioneer and NEC froums on this site to find out more about individuals experience with these drives

the NEC is the best burner at the mo. check the forums, some initial batches of pioneers are less than 100%. the NEC has herrie on its side also, for cutting edge firmware and utils… get an NEC

Thanks man… I’ll take a better look latter :wink:

Yes… but the problem is… here in Brazil… we only have poor quality media with low prices… the good ones… are too damn expensive :confused:

Which medias are good enough to be burned into these drives???

Well guys… it seems that you do prefer NEC… and I think I’ll grab one of those. :smiley:

I’ll do a little research 'bout it… but almost sure that NEC will be my DVDRW drive :wink:

Thanks for ALL of you… You really did help…

Any other comment… please, be welcome :smiley:

So far, I’m not much impressed by Pioneer DVR-A08 but it’s mostly due to lack of 16x DVD+R and 16x DVD-R media.

Guides say both these drives although good at most things are picky about the quality of the DVD-video disc surface that they are reading from. Don’t buy either if you are planning on backing up DVD-video discs. I have a Pioneer 107D and it has really let me down. I’m going to replace it with either a Plextor 708A or a Lite-On 812S/Sony DW-U18A/Sony DRU-530A (these are all the same except firmware and faceplate).

If you also want to write with DVD writers, it’d be better for you to add a Lite-On 812S or 1213S. Wait and see after using DVR-107 in addition to a 812S or 1213S for a while.

I would disagree with you as my 3500 works very well on DVD backup. I also had no problems with my 107D and both these drives create a much better burn than my Liteon 812S. That being said, I have not yet had a coaster because of any drive. This is with Optodisc, Ritek, Prodisc, and TY with an assortment of speeds and +R-R and RW formats. I no longer burn with anything other than the NEC; all the burns are better than either of my other drives.