Pioneer vs NEC for reading

I currently have a nec 2510a and a 2500a which I use for making copies of DVD’s that are made on a JVC DVD recorder. One pc has XP and the other 2000 I use the latest version of nero 6 to make the copies and upgraded the firmware for both drives from the NEC German site. Went thru all the troubleshooting tips found on the forum

I often have failures due to read errors, during the image creating process.
I have used Verbatum, Prodisc, Ritek -R media just to name a few and have come to the conclusion after reading thru the nec forums that neither drive is very good at reading discs. I am not interested in burning at any super fast speeds just want consistent performance making copies.

Over at the NEC forum it was suggested to me to get a different DVD-rom drive(Sony 1621/1612) as a reader then use the nec drives to burn.

My question is for you guys that use Pioneers 108 do you also use a different drive for reading and then burn with the 108?



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Having a good dvd-reader is always a good idea to go easy on resources with the writer. Anyway, NEC (the 3500 got better) really are poor readers, pioneer writers are far better.

I second Montgomery. The Pioneer 108 is one of the best readers (quality).

Monty, how’s it going? You are 89 since a while now, remember? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick answers guys.
It just seems with the price around $80.00 for a DVR-108 and a good drive to use as a reader only running around 25-$30 it seems like going with 108 makes more sense.

I guess the necs go to ebay…

Am I missing anything?