Pioneer Vs. LiteOn quality scanning



Okay, I am having a very weird thing happen. I put my first TYG02 in to scan in my Pioneer, immediately the PI started jumping up to 120… I stopped the scan, put it in my LiteOn and the PI only jumped up to 20. What the hell gives? I’m looking at the scanning process right now and so far the highest the PI has went is 25, the highest the PIF has gone is 2 so far. On the Pioneer the highest the PIF went is 2 as well… but the PI is just so totally different. Any ideas?


It’s telling you that the Pioneer drive can’t read the disc as well as the LiteOn can. :wink:


So basically the Pioneer is actually shit for quality scanning and all the scans I’ve done previously really might be better than what the Pioneer is telling me? Great. :doh:

And what the hell is this burn quality! I was expecting the quality to come out at like 95% or more… instead I get 48% :a

Oh, burned on Pioneer 110D @ 8x


Don’t worry too much about single spikes.
Those single spikes can also be bugs in the drive. KProbe automagically removes spikes.


I personally would trust the LiteOn over the Pio, but that’s just me.

That spike shouldn’t affect readability, BTW. That’s probably what’s taken your QS down.

I think the older Liteys scanned with a spike like that (something to do with a bug with the MediaTek chip?).


IMHO the pio 111 does very well at scanning for PIF’s. I can say its on par with the benQ 1650. I.e the results for PIF’s are similar.


Here’s another. Same burner.

Greg - I’m using the 110D, not the 111.

So, this one also has the QS down… should I just not worry about that and only worry about the PIF’s? Because they are excellent and the discs all read perfectly anyway. I know scanning is not the be all and end all and I agree with that. But, for how much we all do it, I’d just like to know which aspect of the scanning I should be concentrating on.


I’d ignore any single PIF spikes. If you ever get a newer Litey, you’ll find those spikes shouldn’t appear.

Scans look great otherwise, IMO.


I’ll be getting a new Litey in a couple months probably :slight_smile:


Which is all a PI/PIF scan CAN tell you.
Scans can only indicate readability of a particular disc in a particular drive.
You can only compare scans done in the same drive, otherwise the results will be completely incompatible. Liteon drives seem to have a great consistency in their scanning, between drives, even in different models. Other brands depend on parts, how much oil is on the shafts, how much it rained today, which way the wind is blowing & the random-probability that the USA will ever sign the Kyoto environmental protocol.

Find here … rant.

Only by comparing scans a few years down the track can you really determine the quality of media.


That depends. Some drives burn media that show up with PIF spikes at the re-linking points when scanned on even the newest LiteOn drives. A good example of this would be discs burned in NEC drives.

I don’t have a Pioneer drive, so I can’t comment on whether spikes at re-linking points are to be expected in LiteOn 5S/6S scans.

You can often but not always ignore single spikes. If a Read Transfer test doesn’t show any problem at the location of the spike, it can probably be ignored.


@ debro - LMAO! I had no idea I was still such an annoying noob! LOL!

Okay, okay, from everything I’m reading it seems like these scans are just a total waste of time then. Why bother with them if in the end the results don’t really mean anything? After all, these same scans also show Ritek to be good and we all know that’s a total crock of shit.


Exactly :wink:


if it were me i;d say its faulty and demand a replacement lol. but thats just me in the uk :bigsmile:


Greg - :confused: LOL!

debro - Then how the hell can we tell what media is good and what isn’t? Like with those Iomegas… we’re all waiting for the scans to tell us if they are decent media, when in reality you’re saying the scans mean nothing. Sounds like all we can really do is just buy media blindly and hope it lasts.

But there again, how did we all come to the conclusion that TY and Verbatim are the premium stuff… ?


Ahhh. Thanks for the clarification. Didn’t know that about NEC drive burns, not owning one myself (yet).

As far as I’ve seen, scanning some of my own Pio 110D burns on a 5S drive, those spikes don’t appear. Again, this is my experience only :wink:

Good point about combining the scan with a TRT. :wink:


Possibly because they burn fairly consistently well across a wide range of hardware and sofar seem to have minimal degradation over a period of at least 2 years. Also much less batch variation than anything else (excluding the rarer MIJ discs which aren’t so widely available).


Here’s a Pio 110D burn scanned on a Litey 1693S, just for fun (no single spikes!) :slight_smile:

It’s not a 5 or 6S drive, but I thought I’d post it. :)…forgive me if I’m a little OT, but I didn’t scan any of my Pio burns on my 5S drives (I was wrong above, I thought I did!) :slight_smile:


Scans are used to help keep an eye on the degredation of a disc, when used over time, This can help norrow down what are considered good discs. Over time Verbatim and TY proved themselves to be manufacturers of good quality stuff.

A poor scan after a burn could indicate a number of things:
Poor media, write stratagy for a particular MID, bad combination of media/fw/drive, etc. They should not be relied on as the be all and end all of if a disc is good.

Some with more experience maybe able to extrapolate a likelyhood of how well a disc can perform overtime from their experience with certaintypes, though this is not a fact of truth.

In the example given people maybe waiting to see how well it looks after a scan to see if it has a good compatability with their drive and firmware. If so they may then buy them and then have the test of time to see if they were worth the effort.

There is only one true test of coasterdom or good burn and that is: Does the disc work?



Well, I guess it’s either my LiteOn making the spikes appear since it’s older, or the Pioneer isn’t burning the TYG02 discs as well as it should be.