Pioneer USA reveals HD Blu-ray drive BDR-211UBK - available late March

After Pioneer Japan, also Pioneer in the USA announced a PC Blu-ray writer with Ultra HD Blu-ray support. The drive has model number BDR-211UBK and should become available late March at a MSRP of $129.99.

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This is the spec that will leave this out in the cold.

a Core i5 or Core i7 Kaby Lake CPU to playback Ultra HD Blu-ray content.

Nope, Win 10, the need for any Intel processor and the fact that recordable disks will probably never be available will doom these drives. We AMD users have had 8 core processors for a long time that are more than capable.

I’m going to take a guess and say that the Cyberlink software probably doesn’t do any check to see if your CPU is up to scratch. Just because the box says you need a Kaby Lake Core i5 doesn’t mean it will force you to use one. They probably put that because that’s a good processor to use if you don’t want your videos to lag. An 8-core AMD chip would probably perform equally well (assuming the video decoder has proper support for that many threads).

The need for the latest Intel platforms is due to the HDCP & HDMI restrictions. You can probably try with other newer platforms (including discrete GPUs), but if that HDCP 2.2(?) check can’t be done, you probably will be stuck with regular Blu-ray playback, with no option for playback of the higher-res UltraHD content.

I agree with Albert here, any disc will most probably work but you wont get anything better than regular bluray without Kaby Lake.

It’s now way past “late march” and no pioneer BDR-211UBK to be seen anywhere.

Anybody have further info on the non-Japanese models when they are due to ship ( shows ‘in stock’, although I’m not sure that is accurate as Amazon & B&HPhotovideo both show zero stock)?

Problem here is most movies aren’t worth the media press they are made to - to be of any value to purchase a HD BR system. Until this changes DVD upscale on a 32 is just fine with me. All that extra on BD movies for the cost is of little value.

Newegg has the BDR-211UBK in stock. Mine shipped yesterday.

The European version BDR-211EBK is finally up on Pioneer Optical EU web site, although not yet available on German/European price search engines:

I thought that HDCP and HDMI were graphics card, graphics card cable, ODD, monitor, TV, receiver related (the handshake).
Why is Intel involved ?

Data can still be read normally with the BDR-211UBK, just with excellent error correction.

But particularly for UHD-BD, these speeds are required.

It’s not about the speed, it’s about certified devices that can handle the UHD encryption. If you own the 211UBK drive but you don’t have Kaby lake processor (+ specific graphic card + Windows 10 + certified software) you won’t be able to see the disc content.

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If the price is OK I will buy it someday, I don´t know if I need a drive for UHD, but maybe I need a new Pioneer :wink:

Adding to my previous post. I can only see CPU relevancy and involvement if it has an integrated GPU and that integrated GPU is also used, and therefore must be HDCP 2.2 compliant for UHD/4K/2160p@60fps.

Everything should be HDCP 2.2 complaint from beginning to the end of the signal path including the monitor. Personally I’m not interested in UHD - very expensive and very complicated for marginal improvement.

That’s what I was referring to with “the handshake” in my first post in this thread.
No handshake between one or more components in the link, no HDCP 2.2 protected UHD/4K signal/stream.

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