Pioneer upgrade from 106 to 109 problem!


I hope someone can help me as my problem is starting to do my head in.

I have just purchased a pioneer dvr-109 to replace my 106 and I am having a major headache getting it to work.

Firstly when I installed it I had the problem of it being stuck in PIO4 mode but after removing Intel Application Accelerator the drive was then recognised in device manager as normal (UDMA4). This is when the problems started. Whilst in PIO4 mode I managed to burn a disc successfully all be it, it took 40 minutes to do it at a max of 1.9x

Now I try to use the drive again whilst in UDMA4 and I cannot get it to open any discs let alone burn them. If I remove the disc from the drive and double click it in my computer I get an error from windows saying “please insert a disc in drive E:” as soon as I do everything starts to play up.

I have now put my old 106 back into my pc and it comes back up as UDMA2 and works absolutely fine.

Is this a problem with my machine and UDMA4 or is it a faulty drive?

I should also mention that the 109 is using the latest 1.5 firmware.


“Is this a problem with my machine and UDMA4 or is it a faulty drive?”

Impossible to say just with the info you provide…

The 109 should be tested on another PC if possible.

What’s your motherboard?

Pioneer 109s require an 80 wire cable to work properly. Your drive is acting exactly like it is on a 40 wire cable. Check this out.


My motherboard is an Aopen AX4PE Max and I am sure it is on a 80 wire cable. I will check the drive in another pc and post my results as soon as possible.

Hi again,

I have checked the cable and it is definitely an 80 wire ide.

The motherboard has three ide sockets, two ultra dma 100 and one ultra dma 133. I am using a serial ATA drive and therefore the 109 is connected to the Primary ide, the setup is as follows:

Primary ide - Pioneer 109 & LG CDRW (I have tried with just the 109)
Secondary ide - nothing connected (tried it on here too)
ide 3 - ATA133 Secondary Hard Drive (this doesn’t show in device manager but I the hard drive works fine)

I have taken the 109 out and tested it in another pc in the house and on that machine xp only displayed it as a CD-Rom drive.

On this machine it recognises it as a dvd-rw drive but as soon as I insert a disc it took absolutely ages to recognise a disc but I could not explore the contents of it.

I replaced it with my original 106 and this works absolutely fine???

Hello again :slight_smile:

Mmmh… seems the AX4PE has a Promise IDE controller for ATA133. I think I remember some users reporting trouble with Promise controllers.

But the ATA100 controller is Intel, and you mention you tried this one too… :doh:

You may try updating/reinstalling the IDE drivers for your mobo Maybe it will help.

It’s very possible that the drive is defective.

"n that machine xp only displayed it as a CD-Rom drive. "

Didn’t you try to burn a DVD?

Good luck

The usual known bug thanks to m$. Nothing to worry about except for display satisfaction…


I have tried unistalling the ide driver and downloaded the new one from aopen but there is still no joy.

I have burned a dvd when i first installed the drive but that was when it was in pio4 mode and it took about 40mins but now it is in UDMA4 it just will not open any discs at all.

I will take it to work today and see if it works in the machines there, if not I will send it back for RMA.




I have just built a new machine for a friend and tested the drive in that machine. It runs absolutely fine so there is no fault with the drive.

On my machine I tried unistalling the Promise ATA driver and replacing it with the windows standard one but my system slowed to a crawl as windows is on a SATA drive. The machine that the drive is working from also only contains a SATA drive but it is not using the Promise controller so I can only deduce that the 109 is not compatiable with that driver.

Does this mean I would need a new motherboard using a different driver to use the 109?

You wanna say you’ve connected the 109 to a Promise controller, do you?!?
This will not work, ever.

You can use a cheap extra controller (€/$ 15) to connect a drive like the 109 to, RAID and expensive extra controllers are only suitable for running harddisks.


I am not sure what I am trying to say now I have confused myself!

Basically when I first installed windows and it asks if you have a driver to install press f6 I did this and put in the floppy that came with my motherboard labeled “SATA150 TX2Plus Disk, Promise Serial ATA controller” and then proceeded to install windows.

The other driver I installed was a chipset driver also on the motherboard cd.

I have attached the following from device manager and nero info tool in case this helps. Obviously I have put the 106 in for now.

Click here for pictures of my system reports

I hope we can solve this problem…

OK, the Promise is specific only for SATA, the one the 106/109 connected to is the internal IDE controller.