Pioneer unveils speedy Trio of 20X DVD Writers (Press Release)

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Pioneer Europe announces the availability of three new DVD writers. The DVR-115D is a dual-format ATAPI DVD writer (writing to DVD-R/+R, DVD-RW/+RW and CD-R/RW media). Also available are two SATA…

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The Pioneer 111D and 112D have been released, and now it’s the 115D. That makes sense. One…two…five! Three sir. Three! Although if they’re as good as the 111D and 112D, we’re in for a real treat. :X
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Why no DVD-RAM writing support on the ATAPI models ? If other manufacturers can do this why not Pioneer ?

DVD-RAM is dead. Move on.

@DukeNukem Lol! Are you out of your tree ? DVD-RAM is still a very popular format for packet writing and time-slipping on DVD recorders. Hardly “dead” at all.

DVD-RAM would be good if they released 12x ram discs in countries other than Japan!

@ Some random guy - you should take a look at LG drives. None of them make sense and there’s like 500 million 16-20x versions out. I love how pioneer have kept the model releases quite simple in comparison.