Pioneer unveils Blu-ray PC burner and initial pricing in Taiwan



I just posted the article Pioneer unveils Blu-ray PC burner and initial pricing in Taiwan.

At a
press conference in Taipei on April 25, Pioneer unveiled its BDR-101A. This internal model Blu-ray disc burner for the PC is aimed at the professional user though and not even your …

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And without CD burning … stupid.


This drive is waaay over priced… At the most this should be a 500 dollar drive… The DVDR writing specs r weak also… 8x please… for 1000 dollars it should blow me too…


the BD format are only shooting themselves in the foot if they think people are going to fork out that kind of money for their drives. HD-DVD is going to win this one if they keep their cost low as they did so far.
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The price is always going to be high for the first next-generation product. As competition increases, it drives the cost down. This is why anti-monopoly policies exist. For a Blu-ray burner that will be competition and supports CD Burning, look at this Benq.


Well, $995 is not bad for the first round. DVD burners cost 2-3 times that much seven years ago. Give the price 12-18 months to come down to reasonable levels.