Pioneer ultraviolet laser promises 500GB disks

I just posted the article Pioneer ultraviolet laser promises 500GB disks.

cerberus and Wolfhour used our news submit to tell us that according to TheInquirer Pioneer has developed a technlogy that will fit 500
GB on an optical storage disc. The technology makes…

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Go Pioneer! Wonder how fast they will be able to burn those discs at. A gig a second would take around 8 mins.

me starts drooling

Please, this tech will see shelves of a store in like 2011 or so. It is as far away as antigravity.

well thats maybe a bit extreme. I would guess more like 2007. I can’t imagine a technology like this would be able to hold up to a dust particle or (gasp) a fingernail scratch however. so most likely this will be a closed-media design like DVD-RAM, etc. Which means bulky storage and not likely to be adopted as widespread as smaller-capacity “naked” media (blu-ray, HD DVD)

Can I please just have an affordable 8.5GB yet?? Man…

OMG I can have a lifetime of pr0n all in my pocket! :stuck_out_tongue:

Man, optical drives are going to overlap hard drives soon in speed. Already we see dvd burners suffering at 16X from most hard drives being unable to keep up (with moderate fragmentation anyways). Also note that I realize dvd drives won’t be getting any faster.

stop teasing us with this press junk gimmie gimmie gimmie

and we’ll have UV-DVD on one camp, and UV-HHD-DVD on the other camp. please!! we need 4X RL media and 16x +rw media

This is from a paper so it is probably mere speculation. Wasn’t the violet laser touted back in 2001 for 100GB disks? And where are they?:+:+:+

Started with red laser,then blueray laser,now ultra violet laser what about black laser,maybe… 100 TERABYTE, EH, EH,EH!!:d

yeh, or we’ll see somethng else entirely. These things just never work out. I’ll happily eat my words if I see it available - let alone available for cheap - in 5 years.