Pioneer TVs officially no more

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High definition televisions from Pioneer are yet another casualty of a poor economy, as the company announced it will pull out of the business by March 2010.
"Recent market conditions have…

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This is indeed sad news. The Kuro is supposed to be one of the best quality plasmas, specially now that Marantz also seems to have stopped making plasmas. I was planning on eventually replacing my Marantz with a larger Kuro. I guess I have until sometime next year to get one or settle for next best … I guess that would be a Viera ? Or just wait for OLED or TMOS TVs to be a reality.

I agree Ivid! But, fear not, as something better than both plasma and LCD is coming. Laser TV by Mitsubishi is hopefully going to be available in October! It is a great PQ and even lower energy cost than a LCD I guess…

Confuse the people? Sony is suppose to be coming out with a 3-D TV very soon?

This is really too bad. The best HD display I have ever seen was a Pioneer. I wonder if another company might purchase their manufacturing equipment and system.

If you want a plasma, Panasonic and Samsung make the next best to a Elite Kuro. Just got a Samsung PN50A650T and I am a happy customer.

It is really sad that Pioneer is pulling out but I can respect their position. Maybe, if times improve in the future, they will reconsider their decision again.