Pioneer tools



im about to get a 115d from newegg. besides MCSE and DVRFlash are other tools available?

thanks troy


Those two are all you should need


thank you

Those two are all you [B][I][U]should[/U][/I][/B] need

tell me about it. with all the tools available with lite-on, it really keeps me busy when i get new media or testing different programs. :rolleyes:


specifically for the d there aren’t any other programs that you can use. If you crossflash to A15J then you can use powerread or whatever it’s called, although I don’t think they are useful at all


okay, thanks again. :slight_smile:


ive had my 115dbk installed for only a day now and im bored with it already. :rolleyes: i just miss the toys of smart-burn. but ill get over it. :frowning:

ive downloaded the firmware upgrade, 1.18, but havent applied it yet. :doh:

dont get me wrong, this is a really nice burner (so far). ive only done two quality scans of TYG02 (using lite-on 20a1p) and they were both better than my scans of 20a1p and 165p6s burns. :bow:

i guess ill have to do some more scans so i can post in the appropriate thread. :bigsmile: