Pioneer to release dual format DVD writer in June

I just posted the article Pioneer to release dual format DVD writer in June.

Pioneer has announced that its next DVD writer, the DVR-A06,
will support both the DVD-R/RW format and the DVD+R/RW format. This is a major
turnaround for Pioneer which is one of the…

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looks like +R/RW won the war!

No dumbass, if they had won, the a06 would be + only

Well it’s a pretty big coup to get support from someone who’s been such an ardent - supporter, wouldn’t you say?

Yes katastrofe it looks that way. although nothing is definite yet :wink: DyNAmikE keep it polite please.

No you are the dumbass, if minus was leading the way its staunchest supporter wouldn’t be releasing a dual format drive would it. They won’t drop minus because it just admits defeat.

Hey maybe you can firmware upgrade an A05 to an A06 when it comes out :wink:

Microsoft was only gonna support dvd+ but announced they will now support all dvdr formats, so if you think - just lost…thats up to you.

It matters not who won or lost as long as we can backup our discs and play them on our DVD playersrecorders, personally, although I prefer and have two machines that are both plus format, I see little reason why both formats cannot co-exist. However I would accept, as I’m sure we all will that the minus format may well disappear depending on where future technology goes. In fact both formats may disappear in favour of one of the “Blu-ray capacity” formats. :slight_smile:

aahhh fiddle faddle… this is just a way for Pioneer to “meet” the competitor’s product and justify themselves a nice price increase. The + - “war” is pretty much exclusive to people who know their stuff. While the rest of the computer world still think that nintendo carts are “tapes” and are frantically searching their keyboards for the ANY key. People are buying either plus or minus and are, for the most part, happy. There’s no uproar or demand for a single format. -R has the edge right now because the media is cheaper. Simple as that.

Im happy with my 105, its reliable and all DVD Video recordings at 4x have worked in my standalone DVD player.

I am very sure there will be hundreds of millions of very cheap 4x and faster DVD+R/+RW media in the coming months. If you buy 4x and faster Plus-compatible writer drives now, you use the media from now to at least several months later. Don’t worry about the high price of DVD+R media. DVD+R media were so rare only because DVD+R technology itself was first mass marketed one year ago. Things have changed much since then.

i am a dvd-r/rw person myself and think that the tide will go towards the dvd+r/rw format in the end. However I still think my handy little pioneer 104 will be useful for the next 2-3 years.

It’s good to see they are adding the extra format cuz at the end of the day its better for the consumers.