Pioneer to release A07 DVD recorder with 8x DVD-R and DVD+R speeds

I just posted the article Pioneer to release A07 DVD recorder with 8x DVD-R and DVD+R speeds.

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yeah, great! i was planning to buy a burner in a month, maybe the lg super-mega-multi-blahblahblah… should i wait? yeah, i should, but i don’t think i will :+

Well this is confusing…in the “DVD war, current standings” article which Jan links to it is stated that we won’t see 8X -R recorders until Spring '04, yet here is pioneer already releasing specs on their 8X -R writer! Granted there’s no release date but would they really release specs for a drive they didn’t plan to produce for nearly 6 months?

Yeah the LG looks perfect till I received the results from writing quality and media compatability. 4x for dvd-r is quite limited (3 manufacturers) And the writing quality isn’t very good. So next option will be the plex. Can only not do dvd-ram but supports mount rainer compared to the lg. the Pioneer drive will be there for christmas. Check some links arround and you can find quite some OEM partners that will release the drive in a couple of months.
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The answer is likely: yes. Note that these documents seem to be leaked and the specifications for the drive has not been finialized. Pioneer will likely not release a drive with lower writing speeds on - then on +, so they will likely wait till the 8x DVD-R specs are finished, then this has to be implemented, the drive has to be manufactured and distributed.