Pioneer to produce 50GB Blu-ray technique with electron beam

I just posted the article Pioneer to produce 50GB Blu-ray technique with electron beam.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us
that Pioneer has announced it has jointly developed a high precision electron
beam recoder (EBR) that should result in 50 GB Blu-ray discs on…

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Imagine having 50GB of divx movies or lots of MP3’s etc on one of these suckers and it gets corrupted/destroyed in some manner. That would bite hard :wink:

Well this explains why Pioneer’s name has been obviosuly absent from the supporting lists of any of the other formats. I only hope they can get this format out soon enough. Btw. did i mention Pioneer plasma’s tv’s rock :B

Oddball better having MP3’s and Divx’s lost than actually having “Lossless” audio and video such as “DVD’s” and “CD’s” lost Which is what people should be putting on higher capicity formats such as “Blu Ray” if not ‘Hi-Def’ :g

correct me if I’m wrong, but the press release talks about the manufacture of master discs only, and not a consumer-level recorder to record on single-sided, single layer discs. Sony has plans for their 50GB (dual layer) Blu-Ray discs so I doubt this will be competing with them on the consumer side. The electron beam recorder is just for the mastering companies spitting out discs that you buy in the shop.

I usually despise Sony for trying to get their on formats out so they can cash in on Royalties. Saying that, Blu-ray does sound far better than HD-DVD for which only stores 30gb rather than 50gb. Least this time Sony is involved with other companies

Discman, Could this cooperation with other companies possibly be due to their complete fiasco with the HD-CD/rw that they released a couple of years ago?:d Cynical, As someone who liked Prez. Reagan, he was absolutely wrong when it comes to economics, trickledown does not work. However, in technology, trickledown works great, therefore, this may be a mastering process, however, if it can be cheapened and sold as a consumer product, then we could possibly see this technology at home.
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…with Pioneer working on 50GB Blu-ray technologies, one has to wonder where the somewhat messed up situation of dual layer DVD recording sits. Doesnt look too good…

Blu-ray is probably still much further away than DL DVD±R. BTW, how do you insert that symbol with both the + and - signs on it?

HD-DVD is suppose to only cost 15% more and can be made on existing equipment. Blu Ray will cost a lot more and requires a much thicker disc. I’m betting HD DVD wins the first battle but in the long run who knows.

Hardgiant, I agree, HD-DVD will probably win the initial battle, but I believe that BR will be able to surpass the storage capacity of HD-DVD in a fairly short period of time (2 years, tops), in which case those who supported HD-DVD’s will have to jump ship to keep up. Reading the PS3 and BR thread, Sony is saying that BR discs can be made to compete with the HD-DVD discs in price. Therefore, the only issue at this point is the quick switchover from DL-DVD to HD-DVD because of minimal cost savings in hardware manufacturing. :r HD-DVD is strictly planned obsolecence, IMHO. Its just a ripoff, IMHO, for manu’s to make money on a technology that they already know will not last long. BR is the “true” post DL generation DVD’s, like it or not.