Pioneer to launch its 1st BD player in 3rd quarter

I just posted the article Pioneer to launch its 1st BD player in 3rd quarter.

Pioneer plans to launch its first Blu-ray player, the BDP-LX70 in the third quarter for the Taiwan market. However, before anyone starts wondering how cheap this will sell for, it is worth thinking…

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Sean, most of the BR product in the top 100 are essentially freebies. Part of a Sony give away.

Eva,how does one go about getting free Blu-ray movies from Amazon?

well Sony has Buy 2 get 1 Free from Amazon

"1080p at 24Hz " I could be wrong but is 24hz a little low on the scan refresh? Maybe you meant 24FPS which is I believe are what movies are filmed at.

24Hz = 24 FPS for that comparison 1Hz = one per second 24Hz = 24 per second