Pioneer to focus on slim drives and Blu-ray Disc drives

I just posted the article Pioneer to focus on slim drives and Blu-ray Disc drives.

Japanese electronic maker Pioneer
has forecasted it will make a net loss of 24 billion Yen this fiscal year and
has therefore announced a restructuring plan. As a part of this plan it will…

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I dont think Blu-Ray will be on the market that long with Holographic Storage coming on the market.

Blu-ray is backward-compatible with CD and DVD and has been on the market for a few years. Have you tested “holographic” storage at all?

You picked the wrong side to back, Pioneer.

Alas, due to the nature of the beast, anything that is based on SONY inspired technology, will have hidden DRM and rootkits as unwanted extra’s! Looks like Pioneer, have made a bad business choice here! Oh well, time to save up the beans, for the next gen holographic recorders, and directly bypass this lame dog, so yesterday !, technology supplied by SONY! :S

holographic storage system has been untested in the market, so have bd & hd-dvd sony/panasonic claim that bd will be more reliable than dvd with their “special protective coating technology”, but i don’t buy it. the recording layer is only 0.10mm away from the surface. one scratch can destroy the disk. i think this is why professional bd disks are in the cartridges sony’s forward thinking is now limited to only 250gB bd disk using 4 layers with dual lanz pickup that philips developed (at best 2010) while holographic disk begins with 300gB to 1.0gB (around 2008) & 1.6tB (around 2010) it seems that after dvd, i am not sure how long bd will hold as ms and others will try to deliver contents over the internet after the death of dvd

it was nice knowing you pioneer you may go and join the corperate that we are gonna kill cos no sales equals no company.

bd itself is not backward compatable; bd drive makers are making it compatable with dvd/cd with separate pickups bd chipset is/will be supporting cd/dvd codings, but that doesn’t mean bd is a direct sucessor of cd/dvd. for the compatability & cost, bd gave up the cartridge which will potentially a big problem down the road

Maybe you are confused on this matter. Blu-ray has been on the market at least since 2003. That’s nearly 3 years ago. It has been on the market longer than dual-layer DVD recordable media. As for backward compatibility, a BD or HD-DVD drive can accept CD and DVD. That’s what we call backward compatibility. Cartridge for Blu-ray disks is an entirely another issue. It’s like a sub-specification part of Blu-ray.