Pioneer Support?

I sent an email to Pioneer’s support team here in Australia becuase whenever I burn something on DVD the buffer level dips down to 10% a few times during burning and this is what was written in the reply:

"Dear Joseph,

Thanks for your Questions. The BUFFER can vary from 10% to 90% in the Buffer Memory. This normal for NERO to behave like this.


Hans Weiss
Call Centre Mulgrave
Ph: 1800 988 268
AV and Computer"

I mean how stupid is that dude?! I even told him that the 108 I had never had a problem with the buffer levels going down to 10%. So much for the support team.

Are you sure IDE channel the drive is on, is in ULTRA DMA mode?

those ‘dips’ are as far as im aware caused by the laser recalibrating during the burn and is nothing to worry about, are you having any problems with your burns?

Man, calm down! HE IS RIGHT.

Thanks for all the comments! I haven’t had any issue with backups I made but I haven’t really done a lot of testing with DVDInfo, only a couple though. Tried TDK DVD-R 8x and the results were not good at the end of each burn. But other than that I haven’t burned a coaster yet (mind you I only have burned 20 DVD-R’s.

Thanks again guys!!