Pioneer supplies DVD-R/RW drives to Sony VAIO line

I just posted the article Pioneer supplies DVD-R/RW drives to Sony VAIO line.

If you buy a computer from Sony’s VAIO line, you will get Pioneers DVR-103 drive in it. This drive is capable of reading and writing both CD’s as DVD’s.

The drive supports reading and writing on…

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:o Can this drive also copy Video DVD’s ? :d Which soft ? :9 What’s the best videocard for making home DVD’s ? Thanks :7

I want one:)! How much?:stuck_out_tongue:

yeah how much??? :slight_smile:

You can pre-order this drive at Mycom. The price… 2100 guilders. :c The empty DVD-R’s between 30 and 35 a piece for a 4.something gb disc. At Opus Supplies they sell them. (At least the website says) The price is still a bit to high for me. I will wait a bit more.