Pioneer Scsi DR-U16S Cd-rom Drive

I have had this old Pioneer Scsi Dr-u16s Cd-rom Drivec sitting in a box in the garage along with a SONY CRX160S. Both drives still work fine except the DR-U16S won’t read CD-RW disc’s.

If I remember correctly this drive never has been able to read them even though the specs and nero infotool say it can. The drive is also meant to be a 36x but nero reports it as a 32x it has firmware version 1.01.

I have searched hi and low for a firmware update or info on this problem and I cannot find either, hence this post.

I know you all are going to say this is an old drive forget about it and buy a new one, and yes I mostly should but I want to put it and the SONY drive in an old PC for a friend so that they can burn CD’s.

It is not a big problem because they can use the SONY to read any cd-rw’s that they write but it would be nice to get it working as it should if there is a way.

Are you sure that this drive is flashable and how old is it?

No I am not sure it is flashable, I have never flashed a SCSI drive before and the drive build date is 06/98

Yes SCSI ROMs can be flashed, but the question is can you get a firmware which will make it to read RW’s. I think it’s a laser problem & not a firmware problem

There are drives that cannot be flashed, eg. a Philips CDD 2600 SCSI.