Pioneer retail A06 or OEM 106?

Well since CDFreak’s article on the LG GSA 404B was so profound, I’ve decided to buy the Pioneer over it, but retail or not to retail, that’s the question.

From newegg:

It looks like the retail comes with your standard manual and cable, plus 2 Verbatim blanks, compared to the OEM which should include everything sans the blanks. The price difference is $25, which I can spend to get 5 blanks :smiley:

Is there anything else packaged in the retail that I"m missing?

I’ll opt for the black drive instead of the beige, not that it matches anything anyways.

Your link doesn’t seem to work for me. I went to Newegg and all they had were the OEM bare drives and the retail version. The bare drives don’t come with anything else. Not even cables.

Usually retail versions of dvdr’s will come with some sort of burning software. Didn’t check this Pioneer for that, but it should have some sort of software included in the package.

The OEM drive will come “packaged” in bubble wrap. the Retail comes in proper shipping packaging and a very attractive box with DVD’s and manual.

That’s the A06, but I’m not buying from newegg. The local vendor that sells them might package it with softare and every essentials except the blanks. The last time I bought a lite-on drive from them, it came with Nero, manual and the drive itself. Standard OEM package.

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