Pioneer Repair Return Policy



Has anyone sent a drive to Pioneer for warranty work? Do they send you any kind of notice that the repair has been complete and the device has been shipped back? Or does it suddenly appear unannounced on your doorstep?


Well, part of my question has been answered by the UPS notice stuck to my door yesterday. Pioneer ships back without advance notice (via UPS Ground). Later this afternoon I’ll up date to let you know if they explain the problem (or if they fixed it!).


In case anyone is following this thread:

The drive was returned repaired, but with no indication of what went wrong or what was repaired/replaced. It is the same drive I sent in, same serial number.

The firmware, which was at 1.57 was reverted to 1.09. When I purchased it, the firmware was at 1.14.

I haven’t tried writing a disc yet, but it’s reading CDs and DVDs.

i plan to put the current 1.58 firmware on it…keeping my fingers crossed.


A further update:

Checking the drive via Terminal (on a Mac) I discovered the drive has a different internal serial number; so it’s not the same drive I sent in: they merely put a sticker on the outside with the older serial number.


What was the overall turnaround time on the repair???


I had it back in my hands in two weeks. I shipped to them UPS second day; they shipped back UPS Ground. Since they apparently sent me a new (or refurbished drive) the “repair” was basically only opening the box, making a determination, and sending me another. More time spend in shipping than in the shop.


In the bummer department is the fact that I lost the Performance mode (faster ripping speed). As a Mac user I had to take my original 109 to be Flashed in a pc shop to get the A09 firmware, and the Performance mode set in the Quiet Drive utility. Now that DVRFlash 2.1 is available for the 109, I can (and have) switched the new drive to the A09 firmware (1.58), but the ripping speed is a mesely 5x. It will cost me another $20 to get it flashed again, bringing the total cost of this drive ($60 initial purchase, $20 for first firmware update, $20 for UPS 2nd day shipping, and now another $20 for firmware update) to $120. It looks like it might have been wiser to buy a 110 ($50 with shipping) rather than have the warranty work done.


:eek: Scandalous!

You can’t use a PC at a friend’s house or at work temporarily? :doh:


Don’t you have someone with a PC that could flash it for you? $20 is ridiculous, I’d do it for free if I had a shop. Not like it’s a big deal or anything.



I’m sure I know somebody who is a PC user, but I have no idea who that might be. Most of my close friends are Mac Users. I’m going to have to start asking people what kind of computer they use. I think the Patriot Act allows me to do that.

I think the bigger problem is going to be finding a PC user who will allow me to install a DVD drive in their computer. Some users are just timid when it comes to hardware modifications.


Pioneer really needs to come up with a Mac flash program, if one exists I haven’t seen it. If I remember correctly, many Apple PCs come with Pioneer burners. They really should fully support those users or stop selling to Apple.

Good luck,


I don’t think so. APPLE should come up with a flasher, not Pioneer.
APPLE is an OEM in this case and has to give support.


Fine, either way. Neither should leave their customers hanging.