Pioneer releases contradictory DVD compatibility research

I just posted the article Pioneer releases contradictory DVD compatibility research.

Earlier today we reported about a research that tested the compabitibility of DVD-R and DVD+R. This research was performed by Intellikey and it seems that the company has done two test with both…

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I’m sorry to say this guys, but if Microsoft are going to support +R+RW then that’s the format most likely to succeed. Personally I prefer the thought of +R/+RW myself and although when I buy a drive it’ll be that Sony that’s compatible with both formats, I don’t see that there’s any future in siding with the -R/-RW group. Look at Philips product range…they’ve got +RW home writers out at £450-500. No more expensive than a top quality VCR…I know which I’d stick my money into. I think it’s a shame manufacturers don’t pool their resources when it comes to development. Afterall they’ll all make money one way or another selling us the end result. It would avoid this confusion, and there ultimately being losers in any battle, such as the DVD-/+ one.

I’ve always liked this quote: The nicest thing about standards is that there are so many of them to choose from. – Ken Olsen, founder of Digital Equipment Corp., 1977

And now what happened to DEC? LOL :C

Well I am just happy with dvd-r it works fine in my playstation2 and it works fine in my dvd players when I burn a dvd. That is the only two things I care about.

“…DVD minus format a slight advantage because it’s DVD-RW discs are 5% more compatible then it’s plus opposite” That’s incorrect. DVD+RW had 63 % compability and DVD-RW 58 % compability, hence DVD+RW had 5 percentage points more compability.

I’m with you on that wagonburner! My PS2 boots DVD-Rs everytime. Cant’t with (+) though. I guess (-) good for data and (+) good for movies

um… Did anyone else besides me and jsl recognise that this article was incorrect? If you follow the link to the tests performed by pioneer, you will notice that the DVD+R was 5 percent higher in compatability, not the other way around.