Pioneer Questions

Please excuse my newbie questions! I just returned a Plextor 716A to Best Buy after experiencing a lot of problems, and now I’m considering the Pioneer 16x DL burner (or a replacement Plextor, I have to decide). Having spent alot of time focusing on the Plextor and its problems I realize I don’t know much about the Pioneer pros and cons. Could anyone provide some general feedback?

Can it burn 8x media at 16x - I have Fuji - Taiyo Yuden discs. (This is something the Plextor was supposed to do so I now have a spindle of them.)

Are any of the specs improved via firmware? Not that it became relevant to me, but the Plextor advertised higher max. burn speeds, for ex., for DL discs (4x) and for DVD-RW (8x).

I have XP Pro SP2 and will use this as the secondary master, with the DVD drive from my Dell system (also a Liteon, I think) as the secondary slave.


Speed-Burning [ writing @ 8x to 4X media, or @ 16x to 8x media etc. ] can often result in poor quality burn/s.
This is of course not what you want to hear :slight_smile: . . .however, why not just get the pioneer, or another plextor, burn @ the appropriate speed for the media you are using at the time, and be happy ?
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