Pioneer question

Looking into getting a Pioneer DVD Burner as a second drive - I’m assuming the DVR-108 is the newest Pioneer burner out there right now. How does this drive perform as a reader? I know it’s an excellent writer from what I’ve read on here and sounds like it is a little tuned into DVD-R format a bit more than other burners are. I love my BenQ and don’t intend on replacing it but it’d be nice to have that good second burner in for a good reader so depending on media I have the best of both worlds.

So the question is (other than it’s reading performance) what drives are OEMs of the Pioneer and can these OEMs be flashed to the Pioneer firmware without any issues for better compatibility and such if I have problems? I’d get a Lite-On 1633S but after the whole thing with my 451S I just don’t and can’t truth Lite-On Drives anymore. Thanks for your help and opinions! :slight_smile: