Pioneer prv 9200

I’m looking for a good burner with a hdd to make about 2 hours of footage a week as well as distribute live feeds to several monitors. This is for a church service that wants a dvd each week. I’ve settled on the prv 9200 as my best bet for durability and convenience. Occasionally I may need to edit the footage on request, which means uploading the dvd back to the hdd and then to an imac. I was hoping for comments about my selection…


Looks good for your purposes - assuming you don’t really want to do much editing on computer. Presumably you have read reviews such as this (click here).

How much editing would you be doing, and what kind (chapter insertion/deletion, merging titles etc)?

Also I’m not quite sure what you mean by “uploading DVD to HDD then to an iMac”. How would you do this last step, and why?

Well, I’m new to mac, and am not sure if I can capture from a dvd into imovie. If not, then according to the pioneer info, I can reload the dvd I made from its hdd back onto the hdd and then capture that on the mac for editing, using final cut express. My intent with the pioneer is just to create dvds of the unedited footage, and edit only when requested. Am I going to be able to do this?

Thanks for the help, as you can see, I need it.

I think there are some Mac tools which will rip the MPEG2 content of DVDs to the Mac HDD (eg Mac The Ripper). Have a look (here) at a site specialising in Mac ripping software. Otherwise you are going to have to play the DVD title on the DVDR and capture it to Mac - very slow and you’ll lose quality as it has to be re-encoded again.

The Pioneer standalone itself will allow a fair bit of editing, by the look of things, so you might consider whether that will be good enough for your purposes. The only potential drawbacks might be a half-second minimum gap when choosing an edit point, and maybe a slight pause which occurs between those edit points when playing back. If these aren’t big problems, then I suggest for starters you get the Pioneer and use the editing functions on there.

BTW when you say you are new to Macs, does that mean you are familiar with Windows PCs?

Good info. I thought I’d be able to capture directly from the pioneer HDD into imovie and edit fom there, rather than from the DV tape playing back from the camcorder, with a 60 minute max per tape. Imovie recognizes the tape input but may not see the pioneer HDD input? I think my sony pd-170 can either record to tape or send to the pioneer, or do both at the same time.

I need to do simple editing once in awhile with the imac, so I need to get the footage from the pioneer made dvd into imovie. Thought the easiest way was reloading the dvd back to the pioneer HDD. I just assumed imovie would accept it off the HDD.

I’m a PC user with no video experience. I did try sony vegas and made a couple of dvd’s. I was told mac is far easier and so far it seems to be.

Appreciate your keeping with me on this.

OK if your objective is to edit on the Mac, then you might consider recording from your DV camera to Pioneer HDD, then dump to DVD (or in fact record direct from camera to DVD if the Pioneer will allow), and finally rip the DVD content to the Mac HDD using Mac software. Otherwise, if you go from Pioneer HDD to Mac HDD then there’s an additional re-encoding stage.

Thanks, I see I’ve missed a step here. I’ll have to pickup some software to transfer from pioneer to mac. Won’t have to do this very often, just when someone requests it.

We’ll have a library of footage dvds which can be edited when needed.

Thanks again

Now I’m confused :confused:

Surely if you have a library of footage already on DVD, when it comes to editing that why not just put the DVD in the Mac, rip the footage to HDD and then edit. No standalone recorder needed.

I’m trying to avoid using tape. I need about 2 hours recorded each week, (taping church services). I’ve been changing tape, capturing, editing, then burning the dvd. Time consuming. And then only occasionally does someone request a copy of a service.

With the pioneer I’d hoped to turn on the camera, direct feed raw footage to the pioneer’s HDD, and then burn a dvd each week for the library. If a request came in for a particular week I could reload that dvd to the pioneer HDD, send it to the mac’s imovie program, edit and burn.

We’re getting into doing commercials and events and I’m trying to make the weekly service thing as simple as possible.

OK your strategy of using the DVD recorder to get the footage off the camera into MPEG2 format on the DVDR HDD is very sound. Then archiving from this to DVD each week is a similarly good plan.

I was merely thinking that when you do have to go back to the archived DVDs from previous weeks, then why involve the DVDR at all? Just put the archived DVD into your Mac and rip the content to the Mac HDD (using MacTheRipper or whatever). That should be easier than getting the footage across from the DVDR HDD to the Mac (which would have to be in real-time; plus you would have a re-encoding generation loss).

Good idea, did’nt think about it that way. Also, the church wants live feeds of the service in several other areas, and I’m thinking the pioneer also gives me that capability. We have a large video projector and screen that is used for songs etc. that I’ll need to send the feed to when needed. From what I can see the pioneer is a good solid fondation for all this.

Thanks for the ripper info, I’ll try it that way and save some effort.

OK - please let us know how you get on.

BTW if you need any Pioneer standalone recorder-specific information, there’s a sub-forum for that on CD Freaks under the DVD & Home Entertainment forum (click here).