Pioneer problems

I just bought a pioneer DVR-110D DVD burner used it once and now it won’t work. At first it wouldn’t show up on my computer when I connected it. Now it shows up but the tray won’t open and I can’t get anything to work on it. Someone please help! :confused:

Sounds like a power problem to me.
Reboot your machine and see if it shows up in your BIOS (and also as a quick check, the access light will flash when first powered up as well).

If nothings showing then open your case and use another power plug and see if that helps.

Another tip: If you have it connected on the same cable as another drive, then check the master/slave jumpers, as these can seriously confuse your computer if both are seem as masters or slaves.

I am running windows XP service pack 2 on my computer.

I am using it as an external drive for my laptop. Could that be a problem?

Hmm possibly. Start XP, whe it’s all loaded unplug the drive and put it into another USB socket and see if windows “finds” it again.

It shows up in the device manager but not on the my computer page. Also, I still can’t get the tray to open.

What is the brand and chipset of the external case? Do you have 80 wire cable and the jumper on master? Has another drive worked in this case before?

Does device manager show the correct name of your drive, or some generic name? Does the activity light come on when you re-plug in the device (or when you switch it back on at the powerr socket if it’s externally powered)?

It’s a no brand external case and I’m not sure about the chipset. I didn’t put it together, I bought it off of ebay.

The device manager shows that it is a pioneer but when I switch the power off and turn it back on, it doesn’t show any activity.

Could it be a problem with the casing?

Okay, I woud probabaly contact the seller and see if they have any hints that will get it going (plus they know your having trouble with it, which will help with the second point).

Have a look at their returns policy, if they say about refunding or replacing damaged goods then at least you know at the end of the day you could send it back and either get your money back or a new one.
If they don’t want to know then that’s when it’s time to think about opening the case, checking all the connections and if it’s duff then leave bad feedback so other people know what there like.

try fitting the drive in another desktop pc, to make sure it works ok, if it does then its the caddy