Pioneer Problems With Hack

Hello to everyone, this is my first time on here.
Can someone help me as i am getting problems with my Pioneer 107 drive.
It will not rip above speeds of X1 using DVDshrink the latest version 3.1.7.
Also I applied the official Pioneer Firmware patch and now I cant apply the hacked one so I can burn at speeds above X4. How can I solve this problem.
My system is Win98SE with 512 meg ram & a Celeron 600 chip.
Checked all settings all ok and can burn at X4 no problems with differnt types of media.

try dvd-decrypter instead
much better than dvd shrink for ripping dvd’s

I am happy using DVDshrink I think it may be something to do with the firmware hack???:confused:

Im using DVDShrink 3.16 and I can rip most of my DVD at 12x.

Only Seabiscuit and another one (cant remember the name of that movie) couldnt go faster than 4x.

Of course, this is with the hacked firmwares (both 1.05 and 1.10)