Pioneer & Plextor no 2.4x DL working

Plextor PX-870A-28
F/W 1.01 (IDE)

Pioneer DVR-218L
F/W 1.00 (SATA)

both brand new and won’t burn at 2.4x DL with any kind of software(min speed on both is x4), I’m using PLAYO 2.4-8X DL, never had an issue with my older burners until I purchase these two, brand new…
before I had PX-810S, PX-740A, DVR-107D, DVR-108BK.

all these burners stopped working at one time or another, reason I decided to get 2 new ones one pioneer one plextor, I don’t know what to do now so set them at 2.4x unless I can obtain the firmware of both and alter with some program… any suggestions are welcomed… thank you.

Well how do they burn at 4X?

Also when buying burners these days a little investigation is in order as it seems both Plex and Pioneer rebadge others drives.

they do burn excellent at x4, but for my applications is imperative thatt it should be at x2.4, therefore it sucks not to be able to set it for that speed, unless there is a way to hack the firmware… and yes at this point either plextor or pioneer suck…

well Plextor technical support referme to this webstite since they incompatent as to give me an answer, for not I;m stuck burninb dvd at 2.4 with and old DVR-111 (pioneer) a total wast of money on the new burners Plextor and Pioneer, a very dissapointed customer…

Post in the Optiarc forums and see if the new ones burn at 2.4. You might actually have 2 Lite-Ons.

So what is the reason you ‘MUST’ burn them at 2.4x?

PLAYO DL media is crap media - no surprise it wont work.

[QUOTE=jubjubbird;2445494]So what is the reason you ‘MUST’ burn them at 2.4x?[/QUOTE]

You know the old wives tale that says you need to burn xbox games at 2.4x.