Pioneer plans to release the DVR-A06 this summer

I just posted the article Pioneer plans to release the DVR-A06 this summer.

The DVR-A06 will be more of an updated version of the DVR-A05 and it’s only the CD writing speed that’s going to be faster than its predecessor (24x vs. 16x).

But just in time for next…

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An 8x DVD-burner is equivalent writing speed to 72x CD-R recording speed :9 It’s a pitty that Pioneer are not interested in doing a dual format DVD-burner.

Dunno about everyone else, but after the way pioneer have acted with all the firmware problems with the A03/04 range, I sure as hell wouldn’t buy anything from them again. Looking forward to the Lite-On DVD writers though :slight_smile:

And they’re releasing this drive for what reason? By the time they release it the plusminus battle will be all but over really, as more and more manufacturers cut over to ‘+’ production to supply the likes of Dell, HP etc.

manufacturers wont change standards for the OEM’s, as the OEM’s already have contracts with certain dealers.