Pioneer pdr-609

Iv just bought a pioneer cd recorder (pdr-609). every time i try and record a set from my vinyl decks it reads pro disk?!?!?!?!

please help


Hi and Welcome!

are you aware, that these CD recorders need blank media “for audio”? Normal blank CD-R discs do not work, normally.
You might also have another look into your manual if there is an explanation of the error message you reported, and also if there is any information about recommended blank media.


You must use blank cd-r’s that are labeled "MUSIC"
2 examples are Memorex Music CD-R and
Maxell CD-R Music Pro
Been using this recorder for years and love it. Only drawback to it is having to use these special disks. They should be available anywhere. I know Walmart has them. Just look for the ones that say “MUSIC” Let me know how you make out.