Pioneer or NEC?



I currently have a LG-4160B and had it for about 8 months now and would like to buy a new drive, I’m having a hard time deciding whether I should get an NEC 3520A or a Pioneer 109. I read alot of reviews and it seems like both these drives are almost the same.

I just want good DVD-R writing quality, I will be using mostly TYG01 and/or TYG02 media. My main thing is I want to also be able to do Disc Quality Tests in Nero CD-DVD Speed, and scan for PI/PIF once in a while.

I read that the Pioneer is not a good scanner, and that the Lite-On’s are the best in terms of scanning? Well I want an OK scanner, not the worst but fair.

Speed isn’t a problem for me I don’t care how long it takes to burn a DVD as long as the quality is good. I usually burn my TYG01’s at 4x.

Price isn’t much of a problem for me, because I know a place which sells both these drives for the exact same price.

I know about the crossflashing a 109 to A09 will enable 12x DVD Ripping, and quieter?

which one do you guys reccomend?



Go with the NEC 3520. Look at my sig below for scans and media scores from both drives. Pioneer used to be much better on -R but lately they seem to prefer +R.

The only thing missing from your want list above is the ripping speed


NEC for me also but i still think the reading can be improved slightly…


109 reader and Nec burner/get two they are cheap!LOL


That’s the kind of thinking that got me into my BenQ mess. :stuck_out_tongue:


What about AOpen 1616 ($39.99 now) for ripping and NEC 3500 for burning.This is only $80 investment.


The 1608 only topped out at 8.79X on a DL rip. Have they improved the rip speed on the 1616?


Thnx guys for the help, but I’ll most likely be going with the NEC, I understand that both burners are cheap these days, but don’t got the type of $$ to get both, I’m not like some of you who have 2, one for burning and one for scanning, I don’t want to get too paranoid into the quality and whatnot of a DVD, I already did surface scans on like 40 DVD movies I got, and it was tiring :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll use the NEC as an all around burner, burning, and scanning once in a while.

I forgot to mention, I don’t really mind the speed of ripping DVD’s, as I don’t do that too often.


Good choice. Another NEC convert in the camp.


Yep! 3520s are good units!
You won’t be disappointed!


Hi Chas; As far as I can tell the 1616 is the same as you said it tops little over 8X for D/L in ripping.