Pioneer OEM 104 in SONY Vaio

My husband has a new SONY VAIO computer with a Pioneer DVD-R/CD-RW, running on WIN XP system. We bought the Roxio CD Creater 6 to use to burn DVD home made videos. We have no problem making VCD’s of movies, but cannot get the DVD writer to work at all. We have been on phone with SONY and first they said the media was at fault, 4X, so we bought 2X. It goes through the process from the Roxio DVD Builder software, and when we hit the Burn button, it goes through the encoding, and seems to be burning then it stops and won’t finish. It came up with a message about parameters being incorrect. Once it seemed to finish but nothing was on the disk, just ruined it.

When we get on phone with SONY, they claim that Roxio’s program is to blame, that we should use the Veritas Record Now version that came with the computer, but that doesn’t give any choices that we can figure out to burn the DVD for movies, giving only 3 choices: to copy a CD; to make an audio CD; or to make a Data CD. We successfully copied a small text file through Record Now. The SONY people want us to erase our hard drive and use the Recovery disk, which we don’t really want to do, because we have financial programs hard to back up at this time. SONY thinks Roxio did something to spoil the capacity of the software to make the DVD’s. We think it might be a faulty DVD-R writer.

Anyone have any similar problems with either SONY computers or Pioneer and Roxio compatibility? We are so disgusted with the way the SONY people are handling us, blaming one thing and another, making us do so many things to try. All of the above has come about with at least 6 calls.


This is a guide for using RecordNow DX and RecordNow Max.

and have since upgraded the dvd burner, from the 104 to a 107. The way the sony software, and such work is they make you jump through some hoops to get a movie from camcorder to disk.
You could just burn a data disc and see if the burner works properly, if it does then you know your problem is either Roxio or the video. Besides this site there is a good site for video info at Post more details and check the other forums also. Good luck

Appreciate the replies very much–and the referred sites, which I have visited to see how it might help solve what to do next.