Pioneer not working with cd-dvd speed

I just finished burning a dvd-r disk, and I wanted to test out how well it writes to the disks I’m using (e3works). I read somewhere nero cd-dvd speed 3.0 was the tool to use for the job. When I do a disk quality test it comes up with “error initializing test”. I’m using a pioneer 107d dvd writer. Is there any other program I can use to test for errors if cd-dvd speed doesn’t work with pioneer drives?

I know kprobe isonly for liteon drives, but what about cd-dvd speed 3.0? Is there other error testing software? Anyone? A yes, or a no with the name of some program is all i’m looking for.

Unfortunatley there is no testing software that will work with the Pioneer drives.

I don’t know about the 107s, but 104s and 105s work fine with cd-dvd speed 3.0 and DVDInforPro.