Pioneer launches Blu-ray recorders in Japan

Last week a survey at showed that Blu-ray recorders are still popular in Japan. Now, one week later, Pioneer announces to launch two new Blu-ray recorders in October. The BDR-WD900 has a 1TB hard drive, while the BDR-WD700 is fitted with a 500GB HD.

For now it is assumed that both are Profile 1.1, but maybe Pioneer plans a suprise and equips the two with BD Live. Both models feature H.264 encoding, dual DVB-T tuners and a wizard that optimizes trasfers from the 1TB or 500GB hard drive to a Blu-ray disc.

If you own a Kuro HDTV set this recorder might be the system to add since the Kuro Link-flavored HDMI-CEC realizes smooth integration between the TV, recorder and other Kuro devices.

Thanks for the good news :slight_smile:
and How about PC base Blu Ray Burner ?
I’m waiting third generation PIO Blu Burner ?

There is no mention at all of BD Live in the Japanese info for those sadly.

Sony’s new models which were announced a week or so ago all do it though. (Do a find for BD-LIVE on that page.)

And in only totally unrelated news about blu-ray recorders, my less than two week old BDZ-A70 just crapped out with a “system error” last night… Now I get to do the whole wait a week for it to be repaired thing. :sad:

@nikoneko: what do you usually use the blu-ray recorder for? Do you see more blu-ray recorders than player in the stores (eq hakihabara)?

[QUOTE=zaina;2127574]@nikoneko: what do you usually use the blu-ray recorder for? Do you see more blu-ray recorders than player in the stores (eq hakihabara)?[/QUOTE]

It is actually really hard to find just regular players here now everything is recorders. Pioneer makes some really high-end players ($1000-$4000) but thats about it afaik.

The recorders are like hdd, bd, dvd & cd recorders/players (with dubbing between all 4), dual tv tuners for dvr use, tivo-like tv recording, video & digital cam dubbing, and more all in one unit. Basically we use it for everything tv and movie related. Mostly as a dvr and then dumping recorded things to bd-r. But also for other things like slideshows of pictures and dumping tv shows to the psp for our 1 1/2 year old to watch when we go out.

I’ve actually been thinking to offer some of these in my shop because there isn’t much out overseas like them (I think AU has some models out?) and have been researching them pretty heavily so I know a lot about them atm. There are so many issues though… number one being they are so complex and powerful and all the menus are in Japanese (and obviously I’d hate to sell $1500+ bricks to people who can’t figure them out). The tv tuners are another big problem, I’m not even sure if users outside Japan could record hi-def tv on one as its all set up for Japan terrestrial broadcasts. Dubbing and other inputs would work, but that’s about all I’m sure about…

Anyway long story short… It’s probably the most awesome thing I own :smiley: (when it’s not broken :sad:)

@nikoneko, isn’t there any settings to change the language eq Japanese, English etc?

I understand there is a street that dedicated entirely to selling used electronic items in Hakihabara? Friends of mine told me that many of those used items are almost new. How much a used but good blu-ray recorders would be? :smiley:

I’m actually in Kobe about a days drive from Akihabara and Tokyo so I don’t get there much, but yes it’s basically electronics paradise. :eek: Everything and anything is available used and new, and some you’ve never heard of yet lol. Not sure on prices there but I did a quick check on Yahoo auctions (nobody does ebay here) and used ones are going for a few $100 off retail, somewhere around $700-1000 for a decent one. Even there though you’re still looking at several hundred dollars mark-up to get one sent overseas (shipping alone is about $150, ebay+paypal seller fees another $100+ if it’s sold there). So basically yeah, even if someone really searched for a bargain on a used one you’re still looking at well over $1000…

And new ones… I priced Sony’s top of the line (at the time) for a guy a month or so ago and told him I’d sell it for $1800 + $145 shipping (and that was a hell of a bargain for him, as close to standard JP retail as I could get). They are just basically very expensive… I was only allowed to get ours because I told my wife it was a “business expense, for research purposes”, haha I think she knew the truth though :p.

edit: Oh and no option to change to english, at least not on the Sonys, I’m doubting the others have it too on these.