Pioneer KEH-P4830R

I have a Pioneer KEH P4830R car stereo radio cassette - the unit has been terrific.

Suddenly yesterday, the volume turned itself down to zero and I couldn’t turn it back up or use any of the other buttons - I then switched the car ignition off and back on again.

Then the volume visibly turned itself up to the maximum 30 and seems to have stuck there.

Is there anything I can do?


Welcome to the forum. Generally speaking using your full e-mail address as your user name isn’t a good idea (spam and all you know). Not having that particular model, I can still offer some general help. Are any of the buttons stuck? Is there a ‘hidden’ reset button? Are the connections tight (particularly the two power leads)? Does it have a removable front plate (if so, make sure its connectors are clean and that it seats properly)? Have you dropped the model number into Google? You’ll probably get a lot of sites that will offer manuals or help for a fee, but there are one or two that may offer help for free.