Pioneer k17 dvr k17

I am having a little trouble with my laptops cd/dvd drive it will recognize cds but when i put in a dvd it says there is nothing in the drive, it was working fine up untill a week ago. The laptop is a sony vaio vgn cr120e using vista i have looked around and found nothing that workes i tried unistalling the drivers but to no avail. I would appreciate any info thank you guys.

Try uninstalling the device, and in Control Panel, uninstall the IDE’s, reboot, and allow windows to autodetect drivers. If that doesn’t fix it, good chance the laser burned out. Can it read pressed DVD’s (commercially prepared).

It will not recognize any dvds just cds and cdrws i tried unistalling and that didnt seem to do anything

What kind of DVDs have you tried?

I have tried pressed dvds and blank dvd rws but still nothing my drive seems to make more noise when i put a dvd in comparision to a cd though.

anybody have any other ideas?