Pioneer Japan announces the Pioneer DVR-A10 with DVD-RAM writing



Press release: 13 september 2005
Pioneer Japan announced 3 retail box burners in the “DVR-110 family”

At least these 3 retail versions will support DVD-RAM writing

The former DVR-A09 was not realy sold in Europe for example, so the question is:
Will at least one of these models be easy to buy outside of Asia ?


A09 was widely available in the US, so I would assume A10 will be as well.


Hope a firmware upgrade might allow DVD RAM writing @5X on my 110-D. Otherwise I’ll be the poor stepchild in the “DVR-110 family”! Let’s keep our fingers crossed.


Pioneer told me that there will be no official updates to support DVD-RAM on the 110D.

Unofficially, who knows?


any chances they’ll make a slim notebook drive out w/ DVD-RAM support?


Can anyone explain what real need do we have for DVD-RAM?


The DVR-110 (not A10) is listed here in Germany as beige version. Looks exactly like the OEM and standard versions and is announced for the 15th September.
Well, we have to wait to get more info, I’m afraid.


I can’t speak for others, but I use RAM on a stand-alone recorder hooked to DISH satellite to record. Its convenient then to import the DVDRAM for compiling and editing on the computer. DVDRAM is superior to DVDRW in number of recordings possible also.


Without doubt, DVD-RAM is the best solution for optical media if they are important & precious.
BTW, the 110 will only accept DVD-RAM without cartridge.


I hope I can find the 110 locally. I’m afraid my local shops will skip by it because they already have the 110D. I hope it comes in other colours than just biege as well.


Bought 2 A09 in Germany, so lets hope the A10 also finds its way.


Damn they can overspeed both dual layer media types but not read back dvd+/-r at more than 12, even though it writes them at 16.



or write cds faster than 40x?


The same day Pioneer Japan announced the 3 DVR-A10 models there was also this press release from Pioneer Europe:

Five models are available:
DVR-110: ‘SuperMulti’ drive (with RAM-write), beige front bezel
DVR-110BK: ‘SuperMulti’ drive (with RAM-write), black front bezel
DVR-110D: ‘Dual’ format drive (without RAM-write), beige front bezel
DVR-110DBK: ‘Dual’ format drive (without RAM-write), black front bezel
DVR-110DSV ‘Dual’ format drive (without RAM-write), silver front bezel

The drives are OEM systems that will be available in PCs and also from Pioneer’s distribution network. The DVR-110D/DBK/DSV will be available from the beginning of August and the DVR-110/BK from the end of September. Specification details can be found at the end of this document.

So for the moment Pioneer did not announce that the DVR-A10 model will be sold in Europe !


That darn naming scheme makes it really hard to find a 110 drive… They should have named the 110 as 111 or similar… grmbl.

The 110 beige version is announced here for tomorrow by Pioneer…


there is a better solution called MO…magneto-optical; this is probably the most reliable consumer grade optical solution…of course, it is not compatable with any dvd drive :wink:

it seems that a10 is right around the corner @ north america as bestbuy does not carry either a09 or 509 anymore…meaning 510 & a10 are coming soon in a week or so


Yes, MO and MOD (also Phase-Change drives) were kinda big few years ago, but today… Hm.


I hope to get a silver OEM drive and flash it with A10 firmware for some goodness. Now it is saying END of September meaning into October here in snail Canada.


The wait is immaterial, since there won’t be an A110 firmware to flash with until Pioneer posts its first update to whatever is shipping on the drive. You will probbaly have your drive before you will have the firmware.


well I’m not buying anything till I see what a firmware flash can do. If the actual 110 is available I will just buy that to avoid any possible dissapointments that may arise if a flash doesn’t add RAM support.