Pioneer Introduces their first 3-in-1 VHS/DVD/HDD Recorder

I just posted the article Pioneer Introduces their first 3-in-1 VHS/DVD/HDD Recorder.

 As some  consumers are  debating on whether to pop another set top box under the TV, such as in  addition to their VCR and cable / satellite receiver as well as decide on  whether to go for a...
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Lotta buttons on that thar remote!:slight_smile:

What, no digital TV tuner ?? :o

VHS is dying, why prolong it’s death?:o

Well, it’s still prettier than with a 2nd box for the VHS under the set :stuck_out_tongue: Quite right about the remote. Reminds me of the early TVs which did not have OSD, yet had separate buttons for pretty much every control on the TV :wink:

This sounds like a joke. 24 hours of continuous recording onto a single-sided Dual Layer DVD -R must be blue ray and and a maximum of 100x dubbing (HDD to DVD -R), the fastest in the industry(2) how would they achieve this, unless disc is pressed

They would achieve it by giving you a “Super Low Quality” setting which compresses the video stream down until the quality is at best VHS-level, but possibly worse. After all, if you’ve seen Auto Gordian Knot, you know that a two-hour movie can be made to fit on a 700MB CD-R, albeit with a distinct quality loss. Hopefully there are quality settings on the unit itself allowing for better quality (though with less recording time).