Pioneer HDTV & Computer DVI



Apologies if this is in the incorrect sub forum but I thought the right folks to know the answer would be in here.

So here goes, a friend of mine has splashed out on a high end Pioneer HDTV plasma screen and now wishes to hook it up to the computer via DVI so he asked me to take a look, unfortunately the unit has only one DVI connector which goes from the receiver to the screen so that cant be used. It does however have at the back a HDMI input even though the manual doesnt actually say anything is there in that location only a monitor output label with no connector shown ??

Anyway we have a DVI graphics card so would getting a DVI to HDMI cable allow him to output the computer screen onto the TV ?

Here is the cable in question I was looking at would this do

The Plasma screen & receiver are PDP-504HDE & PDP-434HDE in case thats of any use.


There are adapter cables, and also just adapter plugs. Monster Cable makes both. As to whether the connector will work, that depends entirely on the monitor. There would have to be a input selection for that connector in the monitor’s menu. Odds are that it could be a monitor out connector.

I would look for a DVI switch that allows multiple switchable inputs to one monitor.


Hmm… yeah that manuals EU & US version kinda worry me because they make no mention of the HDMI input but I found a review at this link which says they hooked up a HDMI DVD player to it so it must be an input for that to have worked, the graphics card is an Nvidia based one and I know that NV support HDTV resolutions over DVI so I guess the only way is to try it and see.

I’ll check out the displays control’s and see if their is an item listed for the HDMI input as the manual again is devoid of any information regarding a HDMI input in the plasma screens controls menu.