Pioneer flash mistake

I tried to flash my pioneer 111d tto another drive, flashed to ASUS DRW-1608P3
-> No problem with that but it has not the new functions i hoped an now i can not flash back to Pioneer 111D

Any Idea how? Would like to flash to Pioneer 111 - have read some post of that and there is info about tdb-111 1.06 firmware but were to get it?

Hope you can help

Getting error - Unable to set Kernel Mode

Wrong firmware/package used then.

I tried any version of Pioneer 111, Pioneer 111D,L and A11XL and each time geting this error

Is it because of the ASUS DRW-1608P3 firmware in flash? How to make the firmware back to 111D or to 111

Please help me :bow: :bow: :bow:

Maybe you are stuck then actually.

If, then TDB could probably answer your question. I actually cannot test flashing a 111, so I only can guess.

Did you use DVRFlash when crossflashing ?
If not , use it .

  • DVRFlash does [B]not[/B] support the 111 - see the homepage

DVRFlash does not work on DVR-111 drives, does it?

Our flasher is supposed to work, but apparently isn’t. We will look into it if/when we get some time.

Brother Vlad

This recently happened to me and I discovered…
Check your ASPI files, Use Nero Info…you probably have a corrupt ASPI file.
Find the program “Force ASPI” Google for it
Run Kill ASPI, reboot, run install ASPI, this should give you all 4 ASPI files at 4.60, all the same date. Run Nero Info tool again and confirm ASPI is installed & correct.
Then run Dangerous Bros firmware 111 flasher. Should work fine.
Let us know.

chef once told me to do the Pioneer Crossflashing on XP safe mode. Why dont you try it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help will try it when at home after work.

Yup, using SAFE MODE for flashing can help in some cases. Worth a try.

Good Luck.