Pioneer firmware

hello all i just got a piuoneer 105 its got the 1.30 firmware whats the difference between the 1.33 i read you cant reflash it if you put the 1.33 on and also is the hacked 1 any good which 1 you guys recomend also what u think of dvdxcopy and dvdcloner and what are the best disks for pioneer any help appreciated thanks

The hacked one is good for most people. It is true that the UPGDVD flashing tool from Pioneer will not let you downgrade and the 1.33 tool prevents you from flashing up from the hacked version of 1.30. This has been patched though. Go over to and look around :wink:

I would not recommend flashing at all unless you have a problem burning or just want to be region free.

i use Princo v2 and the Princo 4x Media, ovber 100 Disc burned - all OK. others User pray on Ritek G3 and G4.