Pioneer firmware flasher hangs?

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I’ve got a Pioneer DVR-111D 1.23 that I’m currently trying to flash to DVR-111L. Unfortunately, all the TBD flashers that I’ve tried hang immediately after executing the executable. CPU usage goes to 100% indefinitely, and no window pops up (I have to manually kill the process).

I’ve tried disconnecting all optical drives, with the same result. Safe doesn’t change anything and the same flasher works fine on another system.

I’m using WinXP Pro.

Anyone have any insight into what’s going on? :confused:

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Is that a new drive you have?

We don’t think there are any infinite loops in the code, and the code has an awful lot of mileage on it.

While looking for available drives it does probe the drives available, and checks if those are CD/DVD drive. We would imagine that there is something odd about one of the drives in the system, be it a Network or perhaps USB drive or a (filter) driver trying to fake some kind of behaviour (AnyDVD, Daemon Tools, AV, etc).

Do tools like DiscInfo, and DVRFlash work without crashing?

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I’ve disabled the 2 virtual drives I had running (one with Alcohol 120%, one with Daemon Tools), and have unplugged all my physical optical drives, and it still hangs. There are only three drives shown in My Computer: the floppy drive, and 3 hard disks. I have no network or USB drives.

My AV is NOD32, but it’s used only as an on-demand scanner.

I really have no idea what’s going on, but thanks for your help Vlad :slight_smile:

Is the 111D connected as master and jumper set to master, and are you using 80 wire IDE ribbon to connect it? Is the 111D recognized in BIOS? It’s not surprising flash fails if Windows doesn’t see the 111D, and you likely have to get Windows to recognize the drive before successful flash is possible. You might like to try disconnecting all other optical drives and connect the 111D by itself after first ensuring you’re using 80 wire IDE ribbon,jumper set correctly and correctly connected as master.

Can you flash with official Pioneer firmware? When you say all TDB firmware, is that 111L or 111D also?

You could have a flaky problem like I had.

This is my 3rd 111D burner. I think they are good once you get a good one, but sometimes they are strange burners. My very first one would not burn -R discs at all regardless of firmware. It would not recognize Verbatim at all. It would burn TY, but the scans were horrible and there were visible rings all over the disc. It would burn +R’s perfect. I RMA’d the drive and got another one. It was fine. I ordered a 2nd one a few months later and it was OK. Now I ordered this 3rd one and it has the speed drop problem that I can’t explain. And now to beat all, it is working right. There might not be a way to explain why the flash hangs. You Might have to RMA drive. My drives have been a little trouble getting going, but I still wouldn’t trade them for any burner on the market at the moment for widerange burn quality. Once they are dialed in, they are terrific burners.

What mobo and what chipset you have?

This could explain many problems.

Yes, the drive is set master on an 80pin ribbon cable, and the BIOS/Windows see the drive just fine. I burned a CD-R earlier today with no troubles. Also, disconnecting all the other drives doesn’t help.

sober1: the official Pioneer firmware flasher appears to be fine… I didn’t actually flash with it, but it runs and recognizes the drive.

chef: It’s an nForce 2 based ABIT NF7-S.

[B]edit:[/B] I just realized that all the firmwares that I’ve been trying were the ones using the TDB flasher… the others work fine. Is there any way to crossflash without using the TDB flasher?

Mine runs on a ABIT AN7 here, similar to your mobo. Also nForce based chipset.

Does your BIOS have any setup options regarding the IDE channels?

PS: you’d have to try with the TDB flasher because DVRUpdate and DVRFlash are not yet updated. :frowning:

As far as I can tell the only setting I can change is access mode, which is set to auto.

Also, if I were to flash my drive now to the latest 1.29 firmware, would I later be able to crossflash the drive if/when I get the TDB flasher working?

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Suggest reviewing the below Web Link and flash your Pioneer DVR-111 drive in the safe Mode ->


Has BIOS been updated? This may or may not fix the problem. For example I have a PCI wireless WIFI adapter that simply fails to work on 1 system even with latest BIOS update, and I had to switch cards between different systems to use that adapter. I hope that’s not the problem, but it might be. Have you tried connecting the 111D to another system and flashing it, and then put it back in the system it’s to be used? You might try that if all else fails.