Pioneer external dvr111d with wii

Hi, I am wondering how I can upgrade or crossflash or whatever it is I need to do to booktype dvd+r’s to dvdrom? I seen some dangerous brother term tossed around, and im currently using the 1.29 official firmware… i also see the term 8.29 tossed around with dvr111l

what does all this mean, and can someone help me out? i gotta go to work, so i will figure out what i gotta do later…

thanks in advance!!!

(is this labelflash compatible?)

What does thathave to do with wii??

Flash the drive with an 111L firmware.

@ slimpyman,

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If you desire to have your DVR-111D to auto book type bit set DVD+R SL Media to book type DVD-ROM either patch Official Pioneer DVR-111D Firmware with the Media Code Speed Edit “Enable Bitsetting” patch (review the Media Code Speed Edit “Read First” posting) or use the Forum “Search” and review the CD Freaks Forum DVR-111D “Buffalo” crossflashing threads or review this crossflashing thread (

Concerning ‘Label Flash’ review the DVR-111D “Buffalo” crossflashing threads in this CD Freaks Forum or the above referenced thread. The Pioneer “Buffalo” DVR-111L has ‘Label Flash’ capabilities.

As Forum Member chef ask what does book type bit setting of DVD+R SL Media to book type DVD-ROM have to do with Nintendo Wii? Perhaps if you explained exactly what you are attempting to do Forum Members will be able to provide assistance.