Pioneer External Burner

I have been reading a lot of the forum and have been seeing Pioneer is getting good comments as a burner and as I am look for a new one I was wondering if anyone has some suggestions on one I should get.

What I Want In The Burner:
External (perferbably firewire but usb2 will work)
Atleast 16x
Will bitsett (perferbably with dvdfab)
Available on the internet (US)

IIRC Pioneer does not manufacture ready-to-use external burners so you would need to use an external enclosure (Pioneers are picky! :() and a Pioneer DVR-111D or 112D that’s been crossflashed to 11xL (to bitset). :slight_smile:

Hmm I did not know that, thank you. Would you have any suggestions for any brand of burner with what I want in it?

LiteOn has a book type utility that can be used with their drives. However, I prefer the Pioneer 111D which I have 2 cross flashed to 111L which enables auto bit setting. I also have 2 LiteOn drives and 1 Sony made by LiteOn, but the Pioneer burns a wider variety of media without problems and seems to make better burns.

I’m not familiar with cross flashing and a lot of dvd burner stuff. So exactly what do you have to do to cross flash a burner?

They offer some, but not everywhere…,,2076_310069751_426554187,00.html

How is the bitsetting on this one?

Cross flash is same as any other firmware update flash. However, cross flash does void warranty which means the drive should be tried first with official firmware to be sure it’s working properly in order that it may be returned if found to be defective. To cross flash the 111D you’d need to flash first with TDB 8.19 for 111L which actually does the cross flash, and then update to latest TDB 8.29 111L. Process is similar for 112D if you get that one. I’ve flashed unofficial firmware on Pioneer 107D and NEC 3520 as well as cross flashed 2 Pioneer 111D to 111L and never had any problem at all with any of them. I don’t know if bit setting for the 1 at,00.html
is possible or not. If it’s simply the 112D in external enclosure, it probably can be cross flashed, but it may not be able to do bit setting if it’s some other model without cross flashing firmware available. BTW shows Pioneer DVR-710 (DVR-111) for $25 after rebate or $15 after rebate with Google checkout if interested in the 111D.